Completion of Tsukamoto Shonin’s collection of writings!


Tsukamoto Sensei received copies and translations of the collection of his writings. This has been the accomplishment of a 10 year effort.

This picture is also taken in the new Hondo of the future Enkyoji training center in Japan that will be welcoming members from all over the world.

Below are the links that you can purchase these great teachings! Please purchase and share these links with others…

With Gassho…

Enkyoji Buddhist Network

More to explorer

New events And UPdates

Hello everyone, here are some important updates for you from EBN (Enkyoji Buddhist Network) Sign up today for this 7-day Ohigan Purification

new things happening!

New Podcasts Released The First Noble Truth of Suffering by The Rowdy Nichiren Buddhist ( The First Noble Truth of Suffering by

Fall Mountain Training Registration now open! All right everyone we’re ready for our annual mountain training in Seattle. I hope to see as many people as possible

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