Difficulty In Meeting the Lotus Sutra


cartoon Nichiren Shonin chanting on mountainAs we look deeper into the teaching of upholding the Lotus Sutra we think of our actions in promoting the teaching or exemplifying it in our lives.  But in order to understand the profoundness of our simply meeting this wonderful teaching in our current lives, we must first take a step back.

In this Gosho entitled, Hokke Daimoku Sho, Nichiren Shonin states that “this is why the opportunity to encounter the Lotus Sutra is compared to udumbara flowers, which are said to blossom only once in 3,000 years. The difficulty is also compared to the story of a one-eyed turtle finding a floating piece of wood in the ocean in order to dry its shell once in innumberable kalpa (aeons).”

Many people do not think twice on how rare this teaching is.  When I look around, I see all people looking for happiness and truth in their lives and society.  However, due to karmic hindrances they glance over the great Buddha-Dharma.  So even to meet basic Buddhism is a rare occurrence.

When we have deep appreciation for the encountering of this teaching and realize that this is due to our past good merits, we can have compassion for all that have not had such an opportunity due to their blindness, but this is the place where the karmic seeds of compassion are sown.

When we realize this compassion we should cause others to hear the Lotus Sutra, for even if they slander it, “causing them to attain Buddhahood in the future through the merit of reverse relationship.” -Sho Hokke Daimoku-sho  They will come to an awakening in the future when the seeds sprout and Lotus begins to grow.  No meeting of this teaching is a wasted chance.

Also, if they choose to believe its teaching, “Beginners may practice this without knowing the heart (of the Lotus Sutra), but their practice will naturally harmonize with its intention- Shishin Ghohon-Sho  Meaning that they will come to realize it as the “Great Medicine” that will only cure the aliments of suffering beings.

“Although there is no mind in the lotus flower, it blossoms in response to the sunlight.  A Japanese banana plant has no ears, but its growth is influenced by thunder.  Likewise we able to become Buddhas by the virtue of the Odaimoku of the Lotus Sutra, which is like the sunlight and the thunder for a lotus flower and banana plant.” -Nichiren Shonin

Even through we are not enlightened beings, we are guided by the Buddha, if we have correct faith, we should naturally wish to give all Sentient Beings the same great opportunity.  The teaching will permeate their minds and hearts even if they slander or scoff at it.  This is truly the way of upholding the teaching and returning the incalculable Compassion of the Eternal Buddha.  So go study and share it with others from your true mind.  They will truly admire it, if it comes from the mind of the Buddha-realm.

With Gassho…

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