Nichiren Shu Reidan

Reidan practice began when the first compilation of the Showa Teihon (collection of Nichiren Shonin’s writings) was being compiled by Nichiren Shu. During this process Nichiko Takasa found secret passages in Nichiren Shonin’s letters that taught a way in which humans could communicate with the spiritual realm (Buddhist deities) and gain their direction and wisdom to restore harmony and help create a peaceful life for practitioners.

“In reality this world of mine is peaceful
It is filled with gods and men”
(Chapter 16, Lotus Sutra)

Hence, Reidan is called “Cross Buddhism,” which is symbolized by the crest of the practice, see above, symbolizing the place where the physical and spiritual worlds meet and communicate through one’s Buddha nature consciousness.

“The Mysterious Medicine and Teachings of your personal Gushoreijin Protective Deities begin by wearing the Amulet.”

How Reidan Works?

Reidan is a tool that allows human beings to gain wisdom and direction in restoring harmony in their lives and practicing the path of Buddhism. In reality we have the DNA of a Buddha (Buddha Nature). So it is through this that we are able to see the wisdom of the Universe when we exist in this higher consciousness. Reidan allows priests to gain insight into the many influential parts of our life such as one’s destiny and personal will power, which aids them in giving spiritual guidance to believers. It is not through the spiritual power of the priest that this is seen but through the participant’s Buddha nature which is actualized through the chanting of the sacred title, Namu Myoho Renge Kyo.

Do you know about your Gushoreijin Protective Deities?

The basic belief of Reidan is that each person at birth is born with two protective deities called Gushoreijin. Each person has Buddha-nature and through our faith and practice we strengthen our Gushoreijin protectors and can realize the signs that they give us. The two Reijin (Spiritual Beings) are Doshoten, who has the same Birthday as us, and Domyoten, who has the same name as us. Both sit on our right and left shoulders recording our karmic deeds and the many events in our lives. You could say that these deities know us best, and when we realize their presence we can listen to their guidance and teachings.

Reidan Teachers

Reidan teachers study the profound and spiritual teachings and lessons of the relationship between practitioners and their Gushoreijin protective deities. The teachings of Nichiren Shonin follow the same concepts as the Kushiki (9 Consciousness) Reidan, the use of the the Gushoreijinfu (Amulet) and the five kinds of Gofu (talisman). Through the chanting of the sacred title, Namu Myoho Renge Kyo, the use of Kushiki Reidan becomes a mysterious and powerful tool in ones spiritual development. Through these practices and tools we are able to move forward in creating a peaceful and harmonious Pure Land here and now. Reidan teachers holds special meetings, gives spiritual advice through Reidan readings, and offers the Gushoreijinfu (Protective Amulet) to lead and teach others to deeper faith and understanding.

Gushoreijinfu (Protective Deities Amulet)
This special amulet is prepared and sent by the Reidan Head Temple located in Japan each month for the receivers of the Gushoreijinfu (Protective Deities Amulet) to receive from their Reidan teacher. Faith is not only shown by donations, but real faith is realizing that we are the children of the Buddha and our purpose is to aid in creating a peaceful world where all War and Suffering are ended. Keeping the amulet with you and wearing it is first step of strengthening your faith and deepening your understanding. As your faith increases the Amulet will protect you more. Strong faith allows you to receive great benefit and protection. Through keeping the Amulet with you and chanting the Odaimoku, changing the amulet every month, helping to clean your home temple and butsudan from your heart, through these practices you are able to use your body to show appreciation and through this action your faith becomes stronger. The first step is wearing and keeping the amulet with you all the time.

Benefits of wearing the amulet:

  • Achieving a goal or wish
  • Balanced health
  • Protection of health
  • Business prosperity
  • Business relationships (Promotion)
  • Travel and vehicle protection
  • Passing examinations
  • Negotiations
  • Recovery from illness
  • Family protection- all members should wear the amulet
  • Relationship or love- both partners should wear the amulet
  • When moving or traveling one should wear the amulet

Reidan spiritual readings are done at the request of the practitioner or recommended by the priest to provide additional information to a spiritual question or problem. The practitioner must have a specific question that they wish to have insight into, ex. “Should I change my job?” Together with the priest they perform a Reidan service by chanting the Lotus Sutra and Namu Myoho Renge Kyo and presenting the question to the Buddha and deities. After the service is concluded the priest allows the practitioner to pick five coins five times and stamps the results onto a memo. This memo provides the information that the priest uses to understand the problem from multiple angles and gives a clear direction. Of course if the end result is potentially negative they will discuss ways in which to change the current direction of karmic actions and mindset. This is all taken into consideration in attempting to provide the practitioner with information to make an informative choice in their lives as well as being able to see what Buddhist services or amulets that can be recommended for support and encouragement.

Reidan Service

Reidan services are usually held on the first Sunday of each month. During this service practitioners who have been granted the Gushoreijinfu (Protective Deity Amulet) exchange their pervious amulet for a new monthly amulet. Also, the special yogic chanting practice of the Odaimoku (Sacred Title) is taught to all in attendance leaving them with a feeling of relaxation and peacefulness.

If you wish to learn more, attend a service,or request a reading, please contact Rev. Kanjin Cederman at or call (206) 356-7405.

If you would like to receive a Gushoreijinfu each month, please complete a subscription form and send it with your payment to the temple.

Download the Reidan Ceramony Pamphlet.