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Welcome everyone, to our page.  This is the future of sharing Buddhism with people.  We have created this page to further our Mission of Enkyoji to teach and share with people all over the world.  

The confusion and destruction that we see all around us is enough to make some people fall into despair or become angry.  However, this is the true age and time to cultivate the practice of the Lotus Sutra into our lives.  

It is our hope that through this platform, we will be able to expand the light of the Buddha Dharma to people everywhere and change their lives and the world.

The teachings and practice of the Eternal Buddha are the only means to sustain ourselves during these times of madness.  The Buddhas stated in the Lotus Sutra, “The people believe this world is in a great fire, the age of destruction is coming.  However in reality, this world of mind is peaceful, it is full of gods and man.”

With this please join us in experiential Buddhist practice and let us manifest the Eternal Pure Land here and now in our lives.  

I look forward to practicing and learning with all of you.

With Gassho,

Rev. Kanjin Cederman

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