Enkyoji Temple of Rochester

Services and Keiko (practice) are held every Sunday from 10am-noon and every Tuesday and Thursday from 6pm-9pm.

Enkyoji Temple of Rochester is under the guidance of Shami Kanyu Kroll. Kanyu Houshi is a direct student of Rev. Kanjin Cederman. Kanjin Shonin is Abbot and head priest of the Seattle Choeizan Enkyoji Nichiren Buddhist Temple and the Enkyoji Buddhist Temple of Rochester, NY.

   Enkyoji Temple of Rochester is of the Nakayama Lineage of Nichiren Shu running through Choeizan-Enkyoji Temple of Seattle to Enkyoji Temple in Saga, Japan. The Nakayama lineage of Rev. Kanjin Cederman and Choeizan Enkyoji Temple has a long and important history. The lineage was transmitted by Rev. Kanto Tsukamoto from Enkyoji Temple in Saga, Kyushu, Southern Japan. The Saga Enkyoji is where Rev. Tsukamoto, Rev. Cederman’s teacher, and his family have continued this wonderful lineage of faith and practice for many generations. Enkyoji was originally a Shingon Shu temple. In the 15th century, Nichijo Shonin, who was the head priest of the temple, lost a debate with the famous Nichiren Shu priest Kuonjoin Nisshin Shonin during his stay in Hizen prefecture, which was between modern Saga and Nagasaki prefectures. Following his loss to Nisshin Shonin, Nichijo Shonin converted the temple to Nichiren Shu.

`Mission Statement: We endeavor to propagate the Lotus Sutra in WNY, through effort and faith. We do this by putting it into practice in our daily lives in order to better realize, apply and share the benefits of the Dharma to all sentient beings. Nichiren Shu teaches that the essence of Buddhism is distilled in the Lotus Sutra, the greatest teaching of the Buddha. The primary practice of Nichiren Shu is the chanting of the Odaimoku, “Namu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo,” which means, “Devotion to the Sublime Dharma of the Lotus Flower Sutra” in Sino-Japanese. The Odaimoku expresses the essence of the teachings of the Lotus Sutra and by chanting it we establish a way of life consonant with the eternal truths preached by the Buddha.  Without PRACTICE there is no Buddhism. We endeavor to put our effort and faith into use to better realize and share the benefits of the Dharma through its application in our daily lives.  Our purpose is to nurture the Buddha seeds in all sentient beings. It is the aspiration of this Temple to spread Buddhism throughout the inner-cities in the old industrial Rust-Belt on the East Coast of the United States and Canada. It is our intention to make Buddhism more accessible to a broader social-economic and racial demographic.

All peoples and faiths are welcome.

Biography of Shami Kanyu Kroll:

Shami Kanyu Kroll began training with Tsukamoto Shonin and Cederman Shonin in 2001. Shami Kanyu has been a direct student of Rev. Cederman Shonin since 2005. In 2013, Kanto assumed responsibility to maintain and nurture the Flower City Nichiren Buddhist Sangha in Rochester, NY which he then developed with the support of his Master Rev. Cederman, into the Enkyoji Buddhist Temple of Rochester.

“I am honored and humbled to walk in the footsteps of Nichiji Shonin, the first overseas missionary, by spreading the message of the Dharma in Western New York. The mission and purpose of this Sangha is PRACTICE.  We endeavor to put our effort and faith into use to better realize and share the benefits of the Dharma through its application in our daily lives. Our primary propagation method is Shodaigyo, which consists of both meditation and chanting of the Odaimoku:  Namu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo. My purpose is to nurture the Buddha Seed in all sentient beings.”

Contact Information:

Shami Kanyu Kroll

Enkyoji Buddhist Temple of Rochester

1115 East Main St. Box 6, Suite 436 (4th floor)

Rochester, NY 14609

Phone: (585) 820.2638

Email: flowercitysangha@gmail.com